On August 24, 2016, U.S. EPA proposed revisions to the rules governing the petition process for Title V permits under 40 CFR Part 70. Section 505 of the Clean Air Act requires permitting authorities to submit a proposed Title V permit to U.S. EPA for a 45-day review period before issuing the final permit. If U.S. EPA does not object to the issuance of the permit within the 45-day period, the CAA authorizes any person to petition U.S. EPA to object to the issuance of the permit. The revisions, which are intended to streamline the petition process, address the following:

1. How to submit a petition to U.S. EPA;
2. The format and minimum content required for Title V petitions;
3. State permitting authorities’ obligation to respond to significant comments on a draft Title V permit;
4. Recommended practices for interested stakeholders; and
5. U.S. EPA’s obligations with respect to responding to a Title V petition.

Comments on the proposed revisions are due by October 24, 2016.