Energy in Depth is looking at the impact of shale production on job creation in Ohio:

Looking at these counties [Carroll, Columbiana, Harrison, Belmont, Guernsey, Noble, Jefferson, Mahoning, and Trumbull], starting in January of 2010, the average unemployment rate was 14.8 percent. As of November 2014 that rate fell to five percent.  That means that the unemployment rate in the “shale counties” counties fell by 9.8 percentage points, which represents a 66 percent decline in total unemployment since 2010. The shale county that has undoubtedly been the most active in Utica exploration is Carroll County, which has seen its unemployment rate fall from 16.1 percent in 2010 to 4.5 percent today – an astounding drop of 72 percent.

Meanwhile, over that same period, the state of Ohio experienced a 5.6 percentage point drop in the unemployment rate, or a 53 percent decline since 2010. Nationwide, the unemployment rate fell by four percentage points, or 41 percent.  Therefore, counties in Ohio that have been impacted by shale have seen unemployment drop by 13 percent more than the Ohio average and 15 percent more than the national average, indicating that economic activity in shale counties has created a much faster rate of job growth.

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