Two subcommittees of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce questioned the Administrator of U.S. EPA on the agency’s proposed budget.  From a House press release:  "“Based upon what I see, only about one percent less spending is proposed from last year. With such a minimal decrease from an agency whose funding has skyrocketed under this administration, I have concerns we are not committing our maximum effort toward scaling back wasteful spending,’ said [Rep. John Shimkus (R-IL)]."

More:  "’Each dollar EPA spends can end up costing us many more dollars as a consequence of the agency’s ill-advised actions. For example, when EPA uses funds to come up with regulations that contribute to rising gasoline prices, it costs us both as taxpayers and at the pump. A similar thing happens when the agency raises our electric bills through burdensome power plant regulations,’ said Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-MI)."

For more, see here (including video).