We thought you might be interested in these items on regulatory initiatives addressing Marcellus development in West Virginia:

  • From the Houston Chronicle:  "Another factor that could help lawmakers: the emergency Marcellus rules ordered earlier by acting Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin. The Department of Environmental Protection could issue them as soon as this week, according to state officials and stakeholders. *** These rules are expected to cover several key areas. One involves permits for the horizontal drilling method that often accompanies Marcellus development. Another is oversight of the large volumes of water withdrawn from area supplies, and of the chemicals mixed with that water before it is pumped underground to break up the shale and release the gas. Environmental groups remain concerned about this hydraulic fracturing process, also known as fracking, and the large pools of tainted water left over afterward."
  • From the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection:  "The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, *** filed an emergency rule today with the Secretary of State’s Office to increase the DEP’s regulatory oversight of horizontal well development in the state. *** The rule, which adds new permit application requirements for operators drilling horizontal gas wells, as well as new operational rules to protect the state’s water quality and quantity, will become effective after approval by the Secretary of State and remain in effect for 15 months."  You can find a copy of the rule here.