"Shale Game"

That's the name of a new article in City Journal reporting on shale development in New York.  A sample:  "With more and more producers in the business, the price of natural gas has dropped steadily, and the U.S. has become the world’s leading producer of natural gas. A new age of clean, cheap shale-gas energy is about to begin—except, perhaps, in New York State, where influential environmental groups seem to be winning their struggle against shale. *** Perhaps what motivates the environmentalists’ attack on shale gas is worry about the survival of their movement. The green movement gave up on hydrocarbons years ago: it has already announced the arrival of “peak oil,” and the imminent demise of petroleum power—despite many recent discoveries of large oil and gas fields around the world—is a fundamental article of green faith. Environmentalists see shale gas as a relapse, a return to destructive habits, an end run around their self-appointed role as judge and jury for energy policy in America."

You might enjoy it ...

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